Torino Capital LLC appoints David Olson as Vice President

David will be based in Asuncion, Paraguay.

(Torino Capital LLC: USA Private Held Company )

We are very delighted to have Olson join our team. He brings unique combination of expertise and experience that we believe will supercharge our already fixed income presence and capabilities.”

— Victor Sierra, CEO of Torino Capital LLC.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2018 / — U.S. based investment bank and broker-dealer Torino Capital LLC announced today the appointment of David Olson as Vice-President.

Olson will focus on expanding Torino’s portfolio of institutional clients by offering the firm’s unique view of frontier markets in Central and South America.

Olson has founded several successful startups in the physical commodities trading, finance and transportation business. He began his career in New York’s ABN AMRO’s Fixed Income EM sales desk, followed by a period in Deutsche Bank’s convertible bonds sales and trading team.

“We are very delighted to have Olson join our team. He brings unique combination of expertise and experience that we believe will supercharge our already fixed income presence and capabilities,” said Victor Sierra, CEO of Torino Capital LLC.

He added: “Over the past years, Paraguay has made significant steps in improving its economy. Economic reforms such as Inflation Targeting and Fiscal Responsibility have contributed to the general economic growth. Paraguay continues to work towards improving its economy consolidating its relationship with other South America partners.”

Olson has more than ten years of sales and trading experience in fixed income, convertible bonds and agricultural commodities in large international banks including ABN AMRO and Deutsche Bank. His business background began as he studied in University of Florida, where he majored in Business Administration and Finance.

"Strategically, Torino is a perfect fit given my previous experience. This is an extremely driven group with a strong knowledge base," David Olson said.

About Torino Capital LLC
Torino Capital LLC an SEC registered broker-dealer and a member of FINRA and SIPC. The company focuses on execution services for selected institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals. The firm, founded in 2011 by Victor Sierra, is committed to serving clients providing local market intelligence, information, unbiased analysis and competitive pricing.
For more information about Torino and its services, please visit:

Fabiano Borsato
Torino Capital LLC
+1 212-661-2400
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Captor Capital Extracts More Growth

Captor Capital Corp

Captor Capital Corp

Mellow Extracts

Mellow Extracts

Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis Extracts

Captor Capital Extracts More Growth With Mellow Extracts in California Market by Michael Kryton, EQUITY IR contributing writer

Captor Capital Corp (CSE:CPTR)

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, November 13, 2018 / — Captor Capital (CSE: CPTR; FRANKFURT: NMV; USOTC: NWURD) continues to grow its position in the cannabis sector. Investors learned that the company successfully sealed the acquisition of Mellow Extracts, LLC (“Mellow”), which will produce ultra-premium oil in a state-of-the-art extraction lab facility in Costa Mesa, California. In addition to this, Mellow will provide oils and premium concentrates to Captor’s retail outlets.

“Cannabis processing and manufacturing is an incredibly fast-growing market segment, and we believe Mellow will be an important asset for Captor,” said Captor CEO, John Zorbas. “It is a very exciting time with Mellow’s expansion in Costa Mesa and they fit the profile for Captor’s overall investment strategy in the space.”

With the acquisition done, Captor Capital has opened the door to augment its operations and increase total revenues from Captor’s retail cannabis investments.

[Captor Capital has acquired Mellow Extracts in Costa Mesa, California, which will produce ultra-premium oil in a state-of-the-art extraction lab facility.]

The Mellow Extracts acquisition follows acquisitions of leading cash generating cannabis dispensaries, including MedMed-branded locations in West Hollywood and Santa Ana, and the popular CHAI dispensary in Santa Cruz. Chai already boasts revenues of USD$8.4M (2017), as well as a license permitting cannabis delivery in the market area, giving investors much to chew on as Captor capitalizes on the broader range of cannabis products available through the Santa Cruz dispensary. The news gets even better. Renovations are getting started to triple the sales floor space in the dispensary, which will allow Chai to expand its product line-up to include a significantly broader selection of flowers, edibles, extracts and other cannabis products.

More and more investors are paying close attention to Cannabis concentrates known as cannabis ‘extract’. The segmented extract market includes pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paper and textile industries. Extracts serve many applications in the pharmaceutical industry and used to treat fatal diseases such as HIV-AIDS, posttraumatic stress disorder and other neurological problems.

They come in many forms: phoenix tears, shatter, wax, hash, vaporizers and oil being the most popular owing to high demand for its clinical use. Grandview Research reports that the oil segment is projected to record the fastest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.4% through 2025, while the recreational segment is expected to register a CAGR of 43.2%. Remember, oil is just one of the extracts.

[The cannabis oil segment is projected to record the fastest CAGR(compound annual growth rate) of 40.4% through 2025.]
With nearly 40 million residents and more than a million medical marijuana patients, California is expected to capture about a third of the North American cannabis market (PRN Newswire). Total cannabis sales are projected to reach $25 billion in that state alone, meaning that the production of extracts will keep Captor Capital and the CHAI dispensary very busy — and profitable.

Having added Mellow Extracts’ extraction lab facility to Captor’s acquisitions of the Chai dispensary, as well as MEdMen locations, Captor Capital is poised to extract significant revenue from its growing footprint in the California cannabis market.

See a brief here:

View source version on

Continue watching this space for more news about this innovative cannabis company.

Chris Batt
Equity IR
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Captor Capital Corp is a vertically integrated cannabis company CSE:CPTR USOTC: NWURD FRANKFURT: NWV

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Largest Local Propane Supplier in Idaho Finds a New Home in Valley County

Largest Local Propane Supplier in Idaho
Valley Wide Cooperative Finds a New Home in Valley County

CASCADE, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — CASCADE, ID.— Valley Wide Cooperative, an Idaho-based company, has opened a new location at 206 North Main Street in Downtown Cascade to extend their energy services to Valley County residents, namely propane.
“We are not your typical propane supplier because we are a Cooperative first. We are community-focused, member-owned, and build our customer service practices around the needs of those in the communities we serve,” states Valley Wide Cooperative Vice President of Energy Greg Mapes.

Valley Wide has a unique ability to automatically refill customer propane tanks with their industry-leading tank monitoring system. Their Certified Appliance Repair technicians are notified in real-time on customer propane levels, so tanks are filled without a call from the customer.
“We are excited to get ahead of the season and open an office off Main Street to serve as many people as possible before the cold winter nears,” states Mapes. “Once customers in the Valley experience a new level of convenience, they tend to stay with us,” concludes Mapes.

Valley Wide Cooperative’s new Cascade location is a one-stop shop for all commercial and residential appliance and heating needs including water heater installation, fire and stove installation, appliance repair, and exchange tank services. The Co-op’s Certified Appliance Repair technicians are available 24/7 and are specialized to respond to any propane emergency needs.

To celebrate Valley Wide Cooperative’s first location in Valley County, the Co-op is promoting a drawing for a chance to win one of the most popular products they sell in their Valley Country stores—a Traeger Grill.
To enter the drawing for a Traeger Grill, contestants must visit the new office at 206 North Main Street in Cascade or by signing up at No purchase is necessary.

Since 1920 Valley Wide Cooperative (VWC) empowers agricultural members to increase their bargaining power and gain market share to achieve economies of scale through its four divisions of business: Agronomy, Energy, Feed, and Farm Supply Stores.

Headquartered in Jerome, Idaho, VWC provides more than 60 communities with educational resources, high-quality products and services, and community outreach. With 24 agronomy locations, 20 retail stores, 15 propane plants and two feed centers; farmers, ranchers and growers in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming benefit from monetary membership returns and affordable pricing. Collectively, Valley Wide is proud to have donated more than a million dollars in the form of scholarships, grants and donations over the past 98 years.

Erica Cassel
ValleyWide Coop
+1 208 466-7841
email us here

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Extending the Shelf Life of Food and Beverages

9 Novel Packaging Technologies for Shelf Life Extension

New Report Details Novel Packaging Technologies Currently in Development for Extending the Shelf Life of Food and Beverages

Food preservation is a concern not just for our industry-related clients, but for consumers as well”

— Paula Hock, PreScouter Project Architect

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — PreScouter, a Chicago-based research intelligence company, has released a detailed report on novel packaging technologies for the shelf life extension of foods and beverages. With approximately 1.3 billion tons of food lost or wasted globally at a cost of nearly $1 trillion, PreScouter believes that this report is a major step forward towards reducing food waste across the supply chain by highlighting some of the newest and most promising technologies in development to prolong the shelf life of various foods and beverages.

Food preservation is a concern not just for our industry-related clients, but for consumers as well, comments Dr. Paula Hock, PreScouter Project Architect. “The research in this area is especially interesting, as it’s an industry that really listens to the consumer base. This is evidenced by a push toward food derivatives for novel packaging and the desire to extend the lifetime of purchased food products to reduce food waste,” adds Hock.

The report, or intelligence brief, as PreScouter calls it, details nine recent shelf life extension solutions in various stages of development, illustrating the main features of each as well as the benefits and drawbacks each technology bears.

One major trend seen throughout the research is a move toward more food- and plant-based additives and packaging, a “natural” approach as it comes across to consumers. From superior coating materials to novel additives to putting a new spin on older technologies, and with six of the nine solutions presented already approved for food use, PreScouter believes that this intelligence brief provides the food and beverage industry with actionable insights and applicable knowledge.


Link to report:

About PreScouter: PreScouter provides research support services to help business leaders make better R&D, product development and corporate development decisions. PreScouter’s custom-selected teams of Advanced Degree Researchers and Subject Matter Experts connect business leaders with new markets, commercializable technologies, industry-impacting startups, and other actionable data. PreScouter’s growing list of 500+ clients includes GE Healthcare, Coca Cola, BAE Systems, Clorox, and Volvo. For more info, please visit

Mariam Jomha
+1 872-222-9225
email us here

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Chianina Beef Burgers, Chianina Beef Steaks, Chianina Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks now available from Protein Brokers, LLC

Chianina Beef Steaks

Chianina Beef Burgers

Chianina Beef 5 C Cattle Group

The most sought after Chianina Beef Burgers, Chianina Beef Steaks and Chianina Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks are now available to Restaurants so their guests can enjoy

Chianina Beef Burgers are being processed and packed at Temptee Specialty Foods in Denver, Colorado”

— Barney Seward Vice President Protein Brokers, LLC

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — Chianina Beef Burgers, Chianina Beef Steaks and Chianina Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks are now available to Food-service and Meat Distributors that supply restaurants, high end retail meat markets and grocery chains. The 5 C Cattle Group has appointed Protein Brokers, LLC as their Master Broker for some of the most desired steaks and burgers in the world today.

5 C Cattle Group is a group of cattle ranchers and business professionals that have put together a plan to raise, process and distribute Chianina Beef in the USA. They have appointed Protein Brokers, LLC the women owned and managed company located in Colorado to market their Chianina Beef. Marlene Seward President/CEO has extensive experience in banking, food-service and the agriculture business. She has been in management over the years with Rainier Bank in Seattle, Bank of America in Arizona and American National Banks (ANB) in Colorado. Marlene and her husband Barney the VP of Protein Brokers, LLC have also owned Food-service and Retail Brokerage companies that have successfully developed protein lines in the 11 Western States.

The focus of the 5 C Cattle Group is to offer Chianina Beef Burgers and Chianina Beef to a very select group of restaurants that want to be on the cutting edge by serving one of the most desired breeds of beef in the USA today. The Chianina Beef has one of the best textures with a very limited amount of fat giving customers an opportunity to taste the full natural flavor of the beef.

The 5 C Cattle Group and Protein Brokers, LLC have entered into an agreement with Temptee Specialty Foods in Denver, Colorado to process the Chianina Beef Burgers. The Chianina Beef Burger program will include FREE EGGS to those distributors delivering and restaurants serving the burgers. They will be offered free Hickman's Cage Free Eggs or Hickman's Grass Fed Cage Free Eggs to top each of the burgers for an added healthy protein boost.

Barney Seward
Protein Brokers, LLC
email us here

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KMT-Hansa Corp. merger with HDD Investment Holdings Corp.

KMT-Hansa Corp. (TSX:KMC.H)

The Law Building, The Valley
AI-2640, Anguilla, B.W.I.


KMT-Hansa Announces Agreement with HDD Investment Holdings Corp.


Anguilla, British West Indies – November 12, 2018: KMT-Hansa Corp. (NEX: KMC.H) (“KMT” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce it entered into an agreement (the “Agreement”) on October 29, 2018 with HDD Investment Holdings Corp. (“HDD”), a company that owns fifty thousand (50,000) Chinese mu (8,237 acres, 33,333 hectares) of land in Hainan, China (the “Hainan Site”) that it intends to develop. Pursuant to the Agreement, KMT proposes to enter into a transaction (the “Transaction”) with HDD, wherein KMT will acquire HDD by issuing common shares to its shareholders who will become the majority shareholders of KMT. The Agreement is subject to shareholder and regulatory approval.

HDD, an Anguilla corporation, intends to develop the Hainan Site through several development projects that will be in accordance with Hainan’s 13th 5-Year Plan which identifies twelve key industries including tropical “high-efficiency agriculture”, “low-carbon manufacturing”, “real estate”, and “high tech”. More information about HDD and the Hainan development plans will be provided in a future press release.

The Company will seek shareholder approval for i) the transaction, ii) a change in its name to a name to be proposed by HDD, iii) the valuation of HDD that will determine the number of shares of the Company to be issued to HDD shareholders, iv) a consolidation of the common shares if needed, v) a new stock option plan, and vi) a new slate of directors to be nominated by HDD subject to completion of the transaction.

The Transaction will be subject to various conditions imposed by the parties, terms of a definitive agreement, the TSX Venture Exchange, and regulatory bodies in Canada or Anguilla. There is no assurance that the Transaction will be completed as proposed or at all. Further details of the proposed transaction, and a definitive agreement will be provided when available.

More information about KMT-Hansa Corp. can be found at and the Company can be contacted by email at


“Kobyrajh Sivagurunathan”
Mr. Kobyrajh Sivagurunathan, Director

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

Jason Mill
KMT-Hansa Corp.
+1 416-712-0885
email us here

Development presentation

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Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys Joins Local Community Partners & Volunteers to Give Away 3,500 Frozen Turkeys

Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys announce that with the assistance of community partners and volunteers they will give away a total of 3,500 frozen turkeys.

the Thanksgiving holiday gives us a reason to gather together and share our gratitude for the many blessings in our lives. ”

— Glen Lerner

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES , November 12, 2018 / — Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys announce that with the assistance of community partners and volunteers they will give away a total of 3,500 frozen turkeys to disadvantaged Las Vegas area families to enjoy over the Thanksgiving holiday from Saturday, November 17th – Monday, November, 19th. On the second day of giving, the law firm and friends will host a family-fun Thanksgiving festival with food, entertainment, games and more, in addition to handing out frozen turkeys! All events do require families to RSVP in advance to reserve one turkey per household. A photo I.D is also required at time of pick-up.

Saturday, November 17th – Neighborhood Turkey Giveaways
On Saturday, November 17th Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys and their community partners at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) will have three neighborhood pick-up stations set-up at various times throughout the day between 8 am – 3:30 pm. They will also be dropping off turkeys directly to disadvantages families.

Families are asked to RSVP in advance to reserve a turkey for pick-up at one of the three locations. RSVP details are available online at It is important to note that the person who RSVP’d must present an ID to pick-up their turkey.

Sunday, November 18th – Main Thanksgiving Festival & Turkey Giveaway
To kick-off the holiday season on Sunday, November 18th, the law firm is partnering with the Balm of Gilead Church, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission and the LVMPD for a spectacular fall festival! This event that takes place at the Church of the Balm of Gilead (860 E. Twain Ave.) from 1 pm – 5 pm. It will be a fun, family-friendly event with an estimated 5,000 Las Vegans in attendance.

Participants will enjoy a Thanksgiving festival complete with hay bales, music, entertainment, clowns, as well as clothing and food giveaways. Then prior to leaving, departing families will be given a turkey and a box of ingredients needed to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for the holiday.

Families do need to RSVP in advance for this event to reserve a turkey and box with all the fixings for their household. RSVP details are available online at It is important to note that the person who RSVP’d must present an ID to pick up their turkey and other goodies for this event too.

Monday, November 19th – Neighborhood Turkey Giveaways
Glen Lerner Gives Back wraps up their Las Vegas area Thanksgiving activities on Monday, November 20th by hosting another three neighborhood turkey pick-up stations with the LVMPD between 10 am – 5:30 pm.

Families are asked to RSVP in advance to reserve a turkey for pick-up at one of these three events. RSVP details are available online at It is important to note that the person who RSVP’d must present an ID to pick-up their turkey.

Reasons for Giving Back
Attorney Glen Lerner shares the following reasons for why his Las Vegas personal injury law firms give back, “the Thanksgiving holiday gives us a reason to gather together and share our gratitude for the many blessings in our lives. For our team, we are thankful for the meaningful relationships we’ve built with community groups and individuals since we first came to the area. Additionally, we look forward to fostering even more of those relationships so that we can do more by reaching more disadvantaged people in need.”
More Info About Glen Lerner
For over two decades, Glen Lerner has been a powerhouse in personal injury claims. He and his team know how to put passion into every case they handle. Glen Lerner and his team of personal injury attorneys have become one of the largest personal injury firms in the country, with over 50 attorneys and nearly three hundred employees located in Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, Arizona, and California.

Hurt outside one of those states? We’ve got you covered with an established network of attorneys across the country that are ready to help. When you’ve been injured due to someone else's negligence, a personal injury attorney can make the difference between whether you receive a fair amount of compensation for your suffering. Our team is also well versed in social security claims, dangerous product lawsuits, and claims for injuries due to dangerous drugs. To find additional information, visit, or call (702) 877-1500. If you want to, you can visit us in person at 4795 S Durango Dr Las Vegas, NV 89147.

For current updates regarding legal topics and their community involvement and contributions, follow the law firm on Twitter ( and like their Facebook page (

Guy Williams
Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys
email us here

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Food costs to take larger bite of restaurant profits in 2019

Rising Food Cost in 2019

Find the ingredients to overcoming revenue challenges

BIRMINGHAM, AL, US, November 12, 2018 / — With disposable income largely dictating the frequency with which people dine out, menu prices are critical in enticing someone to choose one restaurant over another.

Of course, other aspects – food quality and service, to name a couple – factor into the overall dining experience. But if the cost puts too much of a squeeze on their wallets, they’ll quickly seek other options or simply dine at home.

The urge to resist raising prices or making other potentially adverse operational changes will perhaps be no more difficult for owners and managers than in 2019. That’s because prices for all sorts of ingredients are going up.

In general, food-away-from-home, as the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Consumer Price Index dubs restaurants and other places where consumers dine, is expected to continue its consistent rate of overall growth and to rise between 2 and 3 percent in 2019.

Specific items that will take a hit:

• Beef and veal, increase between 1.5 and 2.5 percent
• Pork, increase as much as 0.25 percent
• Poultry, increase between 1 and 2 percent
• Dairy, increase between 3 and 4 percent
• Fresh fruits, increase between 2 and 3 percent
• Cereals and bakery goods, increase 2.5 to 3.5 percent
• Non-alcoholic beverages, increase as much as 0.75 percent

The problem for restaurants, at the mercy of producers and distributors, is that they have little ability to control what they spend on necessities for making their most popular – and most profitable – dishes.
“These are times when we see what a lot of restaurant operators are made of, so to speak,” said Grace Vasa, CEO of technology firm Juke, which has become a leader in self-ordering kiosks and tabletop devices. “Those who are savvy already are devising ways to overcome this obstacle. Those with a little less savvy still have options and time to lessen the potential financial blow.”

Amid the hectic, often-overwhelming pace of a restaurant, operators move quickly to minimize to-do lists and focus on driving sales and keeping customers satisfied. That means they routinely spend as little time as possible with tasks such as reordering supplies.

Oftentimes, they simply reorder food and drink because it’s on their menus and what they’ve historically purchased. They don’t always look at numbers, so they aren’t completely aware of their biggest and most profitable sellers, and vice versa.

Material spending without a strategy can waste thousands of dollars a year.
Without a plan, operators can end up ordering too much of something or ordering products unnecessarily.
Their approach typically entails buying individual ingredients rather than obtaining pre-prepared items from suppliers. However, nearly half – 44 percent – of restaurant and foodservice professionals who buy pre-prepared foods from suppliers do so because, they say, it helps save on labor costs, while 38 percent indicate that buying pre-prepared foods is actually cheaper.

So what’s the solution for staving off higher food costs? Juke holds the key.
In the final part of this four-part series designed to help restaurants survive – and thrive – in the face of an increasingly difficult marketplace, we’ll detail the tools that can help restaurants navigate the ever-changing landscape and offer solutions that enable operators to realize their vision and, most importantly, produce positive results.

Stay tuned. Help is on the way.

Grace Vasa
email us here

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Propagative Extensions is Headed to MJBizcon 2018

Propagative Extensions is looking to make a big splash at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo taking place November 14th-16th, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

GOLDEN, COLORADO, UNITED_STATES, November 12, 2018 / — Propagative Extensions is looking to make a big splash at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo taking place November 14th-16th, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The event is the largest cannabis industry conference in the world and is for professionals that drive the emerging technology, markets, and ideas of the industry.

Propagative Extensions is thrilled to be a part of it, and is seeking to spread awareness of their company, and how they can be of service to current businesses and investors.

The company helps customers take design ideas, facility construction processes and grow concepts and turn them into a reality.

Co-Owners Benton McKibben and Ryan B. Richardson have built the company from the ground up, partnering with Marijuana businesses all over the country to find the right solutions for their growing facility needs.

When asked about what Propagative Extensions provides for their clients, McKibben made it clear. "PE is your structures, equipment and installation partner for turn-key cannabis growing, covering both marijuana greenhouse and indoor grow environments," he said.

As a specialty contractor for cannabis services, PE provides structured plans of action using an integrated whole-system approach. They help businesses add to the core of their operations and expand their effective reach and impact as a cultivator.

For any marijuana company, there are lots of design options, equipment considerations, municipal ordinances, and many other factors that fall into a streamlined construction process whatever the system being built.
PE supports the vision of the company they are working with and partners with them every step of the way to fulfill and support their marijuana growing process.

As a team of experienced growers, landscape technicians, irrigation specialists, and industry consultants, PE understands what it takes to create a clean, efficient, and attractive space for plant propagation and product sales.

According to co-founder Ryan Richardson, one of the most challenging parts about starting a cultivation center for their clients is getting from concept to completion: From point A to point B.
And that’s where, according to Richardson, the company shines.

"For cannabis growers, we automate and integrate sophisticated irrigation systems with grow lighting, light deprivation, air filtration exchange, CO2 dosing, odor control, and heating and cooling for an optimal growing environment," Richardson said.

For companies with unique facility and operational needs, they require professional site consultation. The staff at PE guides with questions like, “how exactly will you fit a 7,200-gallon freshwater tank into your building? Or, how do you know that the utilities coming to your site can handle what you have specified for equipment?”

While these are just two examples of hundreds of situations that need to be addressed when setting up a facility, PE is there to troubleshoot.

With the complexity of the systems being built for industrial marijuana cultivation, there is always the potential for something to get missed, overlooked, or not done correctly. Propagative Extensions assists in finding solutions to various problems that exist within a company’s facility and context.

During the MJBiz conference, PE intends to share vital information about their services and meet industry leaders, as well as stay abreast on the market and the wide-ranging possibilities available.

Benton McKibben/Ryan Richardson
Propagative Extensions, LLC
+1 833-734-3577
email us here

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Green Brain Solutions a cannabis consulting group focused on the financial services needs of industry operators, will be in Las Vegas for the annual MJBizCon


Las Vegas, Nevada – Green Brain Solutions, LLC (GBS), a cannabis consulting group focused on the financial needs of industry operators, will be traveling to Las Vegas next week, to attend the annual MJBizCon. With an expanded team, GBS is once again in the position to serve additional clients and is actively seeking meetings with entrepreneurs who face difficulties locating the money they need to get their business off the ground, or to take their existing one to the next level.

Based out of Golden, Colorado, the GBS team is made up of cannabis industry veterans with extensive professional experience in the financial, legal, and marketing spaces. Drawing from their collective skill sets, Green Brain Solutions works step-by-step with clients to create the business plans, financial auditing, proper documentation, and effective presentation materials necessary to attract and secure private investments in their cannabis business.
GBS will also help operators develop strategies for contacting, communicating with, and ultimately creating the best possible impression of their company for individual and institutional investors who are keen to get their piece of the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

GBS has extensive experience and active clients in legal cannabis markets across the county. Their in-depth review of the unique challenges and opportunities in a given individual jurisdiction allow for personalized customer service and customized strategic planning. “We recognize that no cannabis business, deal, or path to success is the same. Just like our company motto states, these unique challenges require innovative solutions – many of which can only be developed through trial and error coupled with practical experience,” said Executive Vice President, Peter Fendel.

About GBS:
From operational management to executive advisement, GBS works tirelessly to secure the financial future of legal cannabis operations across the county. GBS also offers proprietary critical health and safety education for cannabis operators and staff, with course offerings including: how to establish and implement cannabis industry health and safety training, how to draft and implement effective policies and procedures, and how to protect employees from workplace hazards.

Contact for Further Details:
Peter A. Fendel, J.D.
E.V.P. – Green Brain Solutions, LLC
Office 303-834-1160 Ext. 1020

Michael Richardson
Green Brain Solutions
email us here

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