Envirocann is the first CA certifier to be granted OCal Accreditation

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Envirocann aka EnvirOganic, a global third-party certifier, announced they are the first approved certifying agent in California to certify comparable-to-organic cannabis with the OCal program. The CDFA was tasked with creating a statewide certification program that establishes and enforces comparable-to-organic cannabis standards, referred to as OCal. The OCal Program will ensure that cannabis products bearing the OCal seal have been certified to consistent, uniform standards comparable to the National Organic Program.

“OCal is moving the needle forward for sustainable and organic comparable cannabis brands.” Valentina Temerario, Envirocann’s VP “Producers now have a uniform organic [comparable] standard to comply with and consumers have an official seal to look for in products that align with their values”.
Envirocann has been certifying and encouraging best practices, clean cannabis and organic methods since 2015.

Envirocann’s certification scopes include Farm & Cultivation, Manufacturers, Material Input Review, Retail, Boutique Agriculture and Skincare. Envirocann’s certifications are geared towards those with a strict adherence to Best Practices and maintain a dedication to environmental awareness, use of approved input materials, and a commitment to corporate responsibility. The EnvirOganic level represents an additional adherence to organic production and principles. All certified farmers complete an Annual Site Inspection, as well as additional routine Sample Inspections for each crop cycle, to achieve and sustain the EnvirOganic Certification.

“I am incredibly proud of the team here at Envirocann.” says Ian Rice, CEO and co-founder “By receiving the first accreditation from the CDFA it shows that our years of dedication and effort towards encouraging best practices and organic methods in the emerging market are finally now being validated. It’s now up to the supply chain, distributors, retailers to organize around these efforts, recognize the brands who are OCal certified, and create access for consumers who want to purchase organic cannabis.”

Envirocann is now accepting applications for licensed California cannabis cultivators and distributors that are seeking OCal certification. Interested applicants may directly contact Envirocann to discuss their certification needs.

For more information, please contact info@envirocann.com or visit www.envirocann.com to start your company’s certification process.

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Valentina Temerario

Source: EIN Presswire