A-LabInsider expands and accelerates its life science software with two new products

UNTERFöHRING, BAVARIA, GERMANY, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — After launching their app in August 2020 to help connect businesses with all academic life science labs in Europe that need them and vice versa, A-LabInsider continues to make it easier for biotech companies and labs to share specialized scientific information with two new products, saving both parties time and money while also offering a catalyst for breakthroughs.

Formerly known for its software with deep analytics and founder's insight, including multiple parallel literature screening and live monitoring of website content specifically focused in the European continent, A-LabInsider has now expanded with A-Lab North America and A-Lab Companies. 

A-LabInsider has deduced that there is a demand for this type of platform based on their ongoing investigation of relevant, up-to-date information about the medical and SME market. People are more than willing to spend an adequate amount of money to achieve the outcomes they desire. Designed specifically to fit the needs and budgets of companies of various sizes, the company provides coverage for all life science needs. 

A-LabInsider has already licensed several biotech firms through their app and hopes to license more in the future. Both biotech SMEs and academic life science labs will benefit from this software in a variety of ways.

Their software makes it easy for companies and researchers to produce comprehensive factsheets from 5+ sources, use DeepLearning to have an automated and engaging conversation, and get an edge over the competition and stay ahead. Users can see all their data in one place with intelligent visual analytics combined in a comprehensive and user-friendly factsheet based on more than five sources to ensure it's as complete as possible. They can also get an offline version that includes detailed response data ready to display right away. They will be able to do up to 150,000 parallel searches from there, allowing them to swiftly and efficiently identify the ideal candidate for their situation. Additionally, once surveys and research have been done, there are no restrictions on companies' tools to export their survey findings. 

A-LabInsider’s advanced AI also generates the perfect conversation starter depending on the recipient's current research, guaranteeing that they receive a personalized message tailored to them specifically. Due to their research and time in the industry, the team behind A-LabInsider understands that a unique pre-written initial outreach can significantly boost conversion rates and reduce the chance of failed connections due to client disinterest. Streamlining their customer approach can save clients time and effort. Their software also gives companies the opportunity always to stay ahead of the competition. Its smart notifications will provide businesses an advantage over the competition by keeping them informed about any newcomers, whether they be potential partners or competitors. They'll be the first to know when a research group receives a new leader or project, and they'll be able to stay up to date on what's going on at facilities all around the world, allowing them to stay on top of global tech trends.

As mentioned previously, companies are not the only group that can benefit from A-LabInsider's software, and researchers can also help by getting data from thousands of labs in multiple countries to connect with leading experts in various fields to identify and tackle gaps together. Like companies, the software can help researchers find exciting new early adopters and fellow researchers who share similar values.

While their services and software continue to be unrivaled, A-LabInsider shows no sign of stopping when it comes to advancing its platform. To participate in their existing services and check out their future possibilities, click here for more information.

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Source: EIN Presswire