Brand New Opening of Osgood Sod Farm serving Eastern Idaho and Utah

Sod farm in Osgood Idaho

Osgood Sod

Sod for Eastern Idaho and Utah

Sod Farm in Idaho

Sod example in a yard

Sod in a Yard

We have launched a new sod farm called Osgood Sod and are excited to share our varieties, hours of operation and some tips about sod.

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2021 / — Our sod farm and office hours are typically 8 am – 6 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm. We are closed on Sunday. Hours may vary based on the season. Please call 208-821-8839 with any questions.

We offer two varieties of products in Eastern Idaho including but not limited to sod in Idaho Falls, and sod in Pocatello Idaho, and Utah. Our sod is grown from volcanic, nutrient-rich soil in Eastern Idaho's ideal farming culture. We are continually committed to our customers and advancing sod and turf grass products with new sod products and services.

Our sod varieties include Kentucky bluegrass and Kentucky bluegrass hybrids. The sod varieties offer multiple benefits including excellent wear tolerance, diseases resistance, and color. The advantage turf sod can be mowed as little as once per month as opposed to once or even twice per week like other sod products. Both these products have been tested thoroughly and do very well in Eastern Idaho and Utah including Idaho Falls and Pocatello Idaho. If you are looking for Idaho Sod our farm is a great choice.

This summer we have certainly seen hot and dry conditions. Since all grass needs water to ensure it stays healthy and vibrant the new sod will require more water than usually especially when establishing a new lawn.

A couple of tips for a new lawn and new sod installation.
On warm days start watering as soon as you start installing the sod. We recommend soil being wet up to 4 inches below the surface. While the lawn is establishing give it plenty of water so it can water deeply. Avoid frequent light watering which will cause shallow roots. Water in the evening or morning to avoid evaporation that is caused by sunlight. If you have gotten rain recently you may not need to water as much or often Observe the lawn before applying water if it appears to be healthy you can reduce your watering if it appears to be drying out check to make sure your sprinklers are operating correctly and apply more water to the lawn.

Osgood Sod Mission Statement

Osgood Sod offers the best grass and sod solutions for your application. Our sod is grown in volcanic, nutrient-rich soil in Eastern Idaho offering exceptional Idaho sod and quality products. Our type of sod includes Dura-Blue, a 100% Kentucky Blue Grass and Advantage turf for reduced mowing. We are excited to provide sod that offers great curb appeal for your yard and landscaping.

Premium Brands of Sod

Kentucky Bluegrass is the most widely used variety for grass in America including Idaho and Utah. This grass is a popular variety because it tolerates wearing well, heals from damage, and has great color and texture. The lawn is a great choice for home lawns.

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