New Research Uses Group AI to Refine Climate Change Solutions

Group AI allows the power of the Crowd to make better Decisons

Group AI allows the power of the Crowd to make better Decisons

Neural Networks have improved in ability to predict results

Neural Networks have improved in ability to predict results

Uses power of the Crowd to amplify Results


In mid-August, researchers and students from Cambridge, Princeton, Arizona State, and Stanford will introduce a new interactive daily online challenge on Zoom, open to all, to evaluate new solutions for Climate Change. Called the UN 17 Goal Challenge, according to CTO Christina Amberson, participants will use Group AI to evaluate current cutting-edge approaches to C02 emission reduction, as well as Direct Carbon Capture.

Members use their computer mouse, trackpad, or finger to move a pointer around a computer, tablet or phone screen to choose their preferred answer. Research has shown that harnessing the power of a group in this way gives more accurate results than polling or voting.

Anyone can join as an observer, and can vote on the best solution. The group will hold two sesssions daily, one at 10am EST and one at 10pm EST, each lasting 5 minutes. Participants can join from anywhere in the world, as long as they can access Zoom. Those who correctly predict the answer, or who innovate a new solution or refine an existing one, are eligible to win the Piplantri prize, awarded weekly. Because each session is a new look at a problem from a Group AI perspective which has never been utilized before, each session is a unique intellectual property asset, which will be sold as an NFT on the Xooa marketplace (Xooa allows the use of fiat currency,thus unlike traditional NFT platforms, no extravagant amount of energy is used.)

The group was inspired to create this project because they noticed that it's hard to find ways for average people to work against Climate Change every day in a way that is measurable, improvable, social, and just takes a few minutes. " We can no longer depend on 'leaders' to abate the worst effects of Global Warming, says CTO Robert Stimson.

"We can vote for candidates, buy 'green', reduce our carbon footprint, but until now there hasn't been an internationally available platform where participants from anywhere can not only learn about the latest Climate issues, but have input into solving them. "Many today have 'morning routines' for self-care, but some of us would also like to devote a few minutes a day to PLANET care".

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