Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator Jennifer Luciana to be Featured on Close Up Radio

WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2021 / — Ever wonder what animals would say if they could talk? Would they ask to spend more time with us? Ask for good food? Affection? Fresh air? They would likely say that they want us to be responsible for their health, and most importantly, that they want us to be happy. It’s commonly understood that animals behave according to their environment, so when we’re happy, they’re happy too.

Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator Jennifer Luciana never wonders what animals are thinking. She can talk to them, just like Dr. Dolittle.

How, one might ask, is that possible? Is it real? The answer is yes. As a Medium and Communicator Jennifer has the ability to connect with their energy, as well as the energy of those who have passed away, to deliver feelings, concerns and messages that they want to convey in the hopes of bettering our relationship with them and addressing their needs.

“Every soul holds energy,” Jennifer explains. “Over the years I have read many souls, human and animal, each unique in their own way. The messages that come through always seem to have one common thread: healing. The sole purpose of my work is to act as a catalyst and facilitator for healing in whatever way possible. I only want to be helpful.”

For those of us here in the present, our pets, or souls who have passed away, communication always comes down to spiritual healing so that our souls may grow and move closer to peace and happiness.

“Healing comes in many forms,” says Jennifer. “Sometimes we need the comfort of hearing from a beloved soul that has passed away. Sometimes that’s an animal, sometimes it’s human. Other times we need to get a clear understanding of our pets’ needs, so that we can strengthen or improve our relationship with them. Animals, I can tell you for sure, are far ahead of us energetically. They sense everything and are waiting for us to catch up.”

All of Jennifer’s work can be done virtually. All she needs are two photographs of the animal or person where the eyes are very clear, and she connects with the soul through the eyes. Her greatest joy in the work she does, she says, is being able to help a family reunite with a lost animal.

“Lost pet recovery is heartbreaking work,” says Jennifer. “Those days of not knowing if your pet is still alive, or if they are ok, are incredibly painful. If I can be a part of getting a lost pet back home with their family, well, that’s an honor and a blessing.”

Jennifer also helps families with the excruciating decision of when to say goodbye to pets who are suffering.

“People want to know if they are doing the right thing,” says Jennifer. “They often ask, how can we make their passing dignified and peaceful? I am very proud of being able to make that process as smooth as possible. They ask about humans who have passed away as well. ‘Did I make the right choices? Were they OK with how we laid them to rest?’”

Giving people answers to those types of questions is what gives her a great sense of purpose, Jennifer says. “The gift of peace of mind is invaluable.”

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