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Land in Texas Is Hot, Hot, Hot say's Myers Jackson Land for sale and Acreage are what people are searching daily for land in Texas.

Land is a special asset that is beholden to many types of property owners.”

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EULESS, TX, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2020 / — Land in Texas Is Hot, Hot, Hot say's Myers Jackson. Land, Acreage, small farms and ranches is what interested people are searching daily for land in Texas in various amounts of acres. Large acreage land should not scare off those individuals who are searching for smaller tracts. Experienced land brokers understand how to utilize the elements of dividing property in order to provide optimal ownership for more individuals who are looking for 10+ acre parcels.

For instance, land for sale in North Texas has many, many acres available for purchase. The North Texas Real Estate Information System shows over 1800 listings for 10-49 acre parcels and 914 listings for parcels over 100 acres. Small or midsize acre tracts are becoming pieces of interest as of late. Imagine, a short 20-30 minute drive to your home and it’s luxuries which sit on a plot of Texas land desired by many.

Indeed there may be many uses outside of residential use where a division of a property could be vital. This might include smaller recreational top tracts that create an element of social distancing while enjoying the attributes of owning land. Owning land is more than just private ownership. It provides a great family environment for not just the humans. Spacious pastures offer room for pets and livestock to roam freely. Being further away from the noise of the highway can be an added benefit for the residential buyer.

Likewise, it can as well offer space for a business to grow or relocate. However, in the case of businesses, road frontage can be a deciding factor when looking to purchase tracts of land. More than likely, businesses will be more interested in highway frontage.

But wait…your land for sale in Texas has both highway and road frontage? Is there a method for marketing your large piece of property to both the residential and the business purchaser? Is there a method to sell this large piece to both groups of interested buyers? Without incurring subdivision fees and regulations? The answer is yes. The seller will need to consult with an auctioneer who deals in multiple parcels of land at once.

Such as land broker and auctioneer Myers Jackson #17057, who has been fulfilling these requests for over 20 years. “We have sold thousands of acres by utilizing a process in auction terms called multi-par,” Jackson says. Adding, “many times we do not know how many acres an individual may be searching for. However, we can take 23 400 acre tracts and divide those tracts and sell those to multiples of individuals who want a variety of different acreage sizes.” Achieving this is done with special software and minimal engineering requirements. This allows the process to work without having to endure lengthy and costly subdivision processes.

As a matter of fact, Myers Jackson is qualified to sell land across the state of Texas as a licensed real estate broker #0698695 and auctioneer #17057. He is highly skilled in selling multiple parcels of land at once. His extensive training and in-depth knowledge of SEO and multimedia marketing means he knows how to reach the buyers looking for the exact amount of land you are selling. This will lead to multiple offers. Using his superlative skills, Myers Jackson will help you sort through the offers arriving at the one that suits you best. Contact Myers Jackson today at 844-400-AUCTION – that’s 844-400-2828, or message “Contact” at
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