Rena Margules And Her Heart For Charity

Rena M. Margules

LAWRENCE, NY, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2020 / — You are probably used to seeing Rena Margules outdoors. Rena Margules loves to catch some sun while playing tennis, swimming, or doing some day hiking. Keeping in shape is key to helping others. Rena Margules has a passion for helping others through her extensive charity work. The exuberance that she brings to the outdoor activities she loves fuels her ability for helping where it counts the most.

Some of the charities Rena Margules assists with include making visits to the sick and shut-in at the Bikur Cholim of The Five Towns. Giving back to others is extremely rewarding for Rena Margules. Her devotion to people who need help has no limit. Rena Margules likes to help children and adults alike. Everyone can use a helping hand.

Packing and delivering food anonymously to the poor and needy is just another way that Rena Margules gives back to her community. Under her own auspices, she identifies who may be in need. When they look outside of their door they will find a much-needed food package carefully selected, put together, and left for the family.

Both children and adults with disabilities need help with daily living skills and other aspects of life. Rena Margules lends a hand here as well. Those that reside in an assisted-living facility can access Rena Margules as she volunteers her time. Children and adults with disabilities who go into facilities on an outpatient basis will also encounter this maverick.

Taking care of the underserved is just a part of her nature. Part of her mentoring responsibilities include taking several teenagers under her wing. After school programming with Rena Margules includes a steady prescription of how to enjoy the outdoors. Letting the teenagers know that relieving stress and anxiety by getting outdoors is just one way Rena Margules impacts the lives of those she mentors. Taking care of schoolwork, homework and all the challenges of teen life in an after school setting has been a game-changer for many of the children that Rena Margules comes in contact with.

Rena Margules and her love for children in need does not stop there. She devotes her time to taking care of children who are in the midst of illness in the home. IShine is an organization that mentors kids who are struggling through a serious illness in their home. Parents are in need of this assistance because they are dealing with a personal battle with cancer or another serious illness. Having a mentor for the children frees up time and headspace so that healing can take place.

if there is another moment in the day, Rena Margules capitalizes on how to help others. She is also involved in Friends of the IDF, Kids of Courage, NCSY, and Emunah. The involvement allows Rena Margules to make a difference in a way that causes her much delight. All of the people she comes in contact with through her charitable heart are the better for it. It is a mutually beneficial situation.

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