Vertexcom and HEXING build Wi-SUN network up to 1000 nodes

Wi-SUN technology has long-distance transmission and low power consumption to meet the demand of smart grid and IoT market

Wi-SUN technology has long-distance transmission and low power consumption to meet the demand of smart grid and IoT market

Wi-SUN technology has long-distance transmission and low power consumption to meet the demand of smart grid and IoT market.

GUIYANG CITY, GUIZHOU PROVINCE, CHINA, December 4, 2019 / — December 4, 2019 – Hexing Electrical Co., Ltd (Hexing) selected Vertexcom Wi-SUN (Wireless Smart Utility Network) communication solution to develop its smart grid network products, deploying a 1000-node mesh network in Hexing office area, and expanding the network scale, reliability and scalability of Wi-SUN technology in FAN (field area network) to meet the needs of the smart grid and the IoT market.

1000 nodes are deployed in the Hexing Hangzhou office for network field testing. The number of nodes will continue to increase. Wi-SUN communication technology is suitable for smart meters. Vertexcom’s solution enables Hexing to focus on the development of smart meters and IoT products without worrying about network interoperability and connectivity issues.

At present, power line carrier is still the main communication solution for meter reading in China, and the carrier communication effect is greatly affected by the grid environment. For example, the power line noise is large and the signal attenuation is serious, so a single carrier is difficult to solve the problem, and the communication effect is poor, which makes the field maintenance work more difficult.

Dr. HH Li, President of Vertexcom Technologies. said that the dual-mode communication solution of Vertexcom combining Wi-SUN wireless communication technology and PLC technology, has the characteristics of automatic mesh network, seamless automatic complementary connection, etc., which provides flexible, high-speed, stable and reliable dual-channel communication network for grid transmission, solves the problem, such as signal attenuation and signal island, and can really achieve remote software and firmware upgrade, reduce on-site maintenance work.

As a terminal of Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things (UPIOT), smart meters have many intelligent functions in addition to the basic electricity metering functions. For example, the home power consumption status can be instantly obtained through the App on the mobile device. The alarm of energy saving can be achieved by adding electricity consumption data analysis and electricity cost estimation. In addition, UPIOT can further make more subtle large data analysis of electricity, including power usage habits analysis, excess electricity tariff warning.

Wi-SUN is an 802.15.4 mesh network protocol, which has the characteristics of long-distance transmission, high security and scalability, and low power consumption (Wi-SUN module can usually be used for 10 years), which is conducive to building a wide-area large-scale IoT. In October 2018, the Wi-SUN Alliance announced the launch of the FAN Certification Program, which primarily certifies the interoperability of communications products. Program-certified devices can be used for wide-area outdoor applications in smart cities, smart utilities, and other IoT projects.

About Vertexcom Technologies
Vertexcom Technologies, founded in 2017, is a fabless IC design company delivering IoT and smart grid communication IC. Vertexcom provides low-cost, low-power PLC and Wi-SUN dual-mode SoC for applications in smart grid, smart city, and smart home markets.

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Hexing, established in 1992, is a multi-national company offering variety of electrical equipment and relevant solution to global power utilities.


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