DHydra Technologies™ enters Technology Evaluation for Sale & Licence Agreement with tier one, global cannabis producer.

BURNABY, BC, CANADA, April 24, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Burnaby, BC, April 24, 2018 – DHydra Technologies™ announces that it has entered into a Technology Evaluation for Sale and Licence Agreement (T.E.S.L.A.) with a tier one, licensed cannabis producer with a large global market share.

Under the agreement DHydra Technologies is providing not only its patented Rapid Low Thermal Dehydration (RLT) technology, but its expertise in dehydration of cannabis to maximize crop yield. DHydra Technologies is also assiting in the design of a state-of-the-art drying facility to ensure efficient and rapid drying of cannabis on an industrial scale. The DHydra Technologies team is enabling its client to completely eliminate the need for existing drying facilities by providing a scalable, efficient, low cost solution with a footprint which requires a fraction of the space previously needed.
“We are excited about the road ahead at DHydra Technologies. We believe that DHydra RLT technology creates a paradigm shift for licenced cannabis producers that will have lasting impact for the cannabis industry as a whole,” said Ivan Zivkovic, Director of Business Development and Sales, DHydra Technologies. “This new relationship will provide this licenced producer with a drastically more efficient manufacturing process, lower operating costs and ability to scale rapidly, while the end consumer will enjoy a superior product that can be consumed within 24 hours of harvesting.”
DHydra Technologies proprietary and patented RLT systems allows for accellerated crop drying while reducing crop spoilage and increasing yield. The speed of dehydration using RLT technology allows harvesters to increase capacity of their crops allowing them to reach the market quickly while reducing operating costs and maximizing profits.

About DHydra Technologies
Headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia, DHydra Technologies is a manufacturer of revolutionary drying equipment aimed at the cannabis, hemp and hops markets across North America. The technology brings production affordably into the hands of national & international harvesters, reducing crop waste and substantially increasing crop value. For more information, please visit us at www.dhydratech.com.

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DHydra Technologies
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Source: EIN Presswire